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    TMED line
    compliant to EN60601-1 and EN60601-1-2 3rd ed.
    Analytical Instruments
    Surveying cameras
    Video monitors
    from: 600VA
    to: 2000VA


The currently EU medical product directive determines that medical devices and systems have to be designed in a way that patients, operating personnel or other persons may not suffer while being in contact with those. This generates strict requirements for the safety of the power supply of electrical medical devices and systems. Especially medical electrical systems for life support and monitoring life functions require very high reliability and quality of their power supplies.
Increased safety requirements are valid in hospitals, surgeries, dental surgeries and in other areas, where patients or operators can come into contact with electrical devices. The use of medical isolating transformers for the power supply of electrical devices and systems, used in medical protected zones, offers a well-priced possibility to follow the EU medical product directive and to ensure the electrical safety for the power supply in a medical environment.

Enersine is proud to introduce a special isolating toroidal transformer for medical application built in an attractive and elegant white finish aluminum enclosure compliant to EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-1 and EN 60601-1-2. The power entry module contains a power switch, green LED (when "on"), line filter for medical use and dual current limiting fuses. Double insulated windings ensure a galvanic physical separation between input and output as well as holding the leakage current below the stipulated maximum value.
This series work with a fix input and output at 230Vac. A built-in inrush current limiter on semi-conductor technique avoids an unwanted blow of the input fuses of the device or of an automatic circuit breaker of the building’s sub-distribution through the inrush current. All models are equipped with as potential equalization bolt for the connection to a special medical potential equalization existing in the room of application. The protective earth conductor of the input socket is additionally conductively connected with the corresponding contacts of the output sockets. With this measure, the device are equipped with base potential equalization. Hereby, it is also possible to operate the devices in such medical rooms, in which no additional special potential equalization aside from the intact protective earth conductor of the wall socket is installed.

The transformers of the TMed series are designed for continuous operation. Self resetting temperature switches avoid damage through temperature rise in the device in a reliable way.

Available powers: 600VA , 1000VA and 2000VA. Other powers possible on request.


    Powers: 600VA - 1000VA - 2000VA
    Isolating toroidal transformer
    Line filter for medical use
    Dual current limiting fuse
    Potential equalization bolt
    Self resetting temperature
    Actractive & elegant white finish aluminium enclosure

TMED 600 600VA - - 9 - 270 x 188 x 92
TMED 1000 1000VA - - 14 - 305 x 218 x 110
TMED 2000 2000VA - - 21 - 312 x 285 x 110
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