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    INDUSTRIAL applications
    Industrial automation
    Electric & Nuclear power stations
    Heavy environment
    Military & Naval implants
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    MEDICAL applications
    Operating theatres
    Electro-medical devices
    Blood management systems
    Neonatal intensive care units
    Pulmonary ventilators
    Laser surgery
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    IT applications
    Informatics users
    Video surveillance / Alarms
    Network servers
    Transformer rooms


Different typologies of single-phase uninterruptible power supplies represent Enersine core business.
From informatics to all complex and critical industrial installations where is required an excellent level of reliability on every operational and environmental conditions Enersine ups systems are the right answer. You can choose into three dedicated lines: MEDICAL, HIGH SAFETY and LIGHT UPS in order to find your suitable solution.



For medical systems used approximately to a patient or directly in operating rooms (or anywhere low leakage current is required), ERGON-MED medical line are the perfect solution for providing conditioned, uninterruptible power.
Professional systems compliant to IEC60601-1:2005/A1:2012 and IEC60601-1-2:2014, totally dedicated to supply critical medical devices where mains interruptions can generate inconveniences during special treatments...


The biggest benefit of an ERGON line UPS is the total load safety and complete power protection. With the HIGH SAFETY series, more protection and an higher safety level is guaranteed instead of most other UPS systems. The HIGH SAFETY ups series features on-line inverter design, two toroidal transformers one in input and one in output with 4000V of galvanic isolation, low voltage electronic and added, a strict selection of high quality internal components that allows them to be the best solution for critical loads.


The LIGHT series based on a transformer-less design is managed with different kind of technologies:
- ON-LINE technology: COSMO line ups
- LINE INTERACTIVE technology in sine wave: INTERSINE line ups
- LINE INTERATIVE technology in step-wave: BLAZE line ups
Mainly used for PC and servers applications.

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