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    CONV line
    Research & measurement laboratories
    Control systems
    Test benches
    from: 3000W
    to: 7500W


Compact and light equipment in relation to their performances, realized in RACK VERSION.
Designed using the latest modern technology, CONV series are reliable and multifunctional devices used simultaneously as stabilizer, frequency converter or voltage regulator.
As all static converters, CONV series permit an high dimension/power rate that can supply any load types (resistive, inductive and capacitive) with a perfect sinusoidal output waveform.The standard line is able to cover most of the needs of the market, but dedicated and customized version can be studied on customer’s requirements.

Electronic Stabilizer
Equipped with auto-transformer (or transformer on request), constantly provides the value of the output voltage set, even if it is higher than input.
Unlike a traditional stabilizer – raised voltage driven, the output voltage waveform is always sinusoidal and the operating time for a change in the input voltage ore for a load variation is extremely fast (<1ms). Output voltage setting is possible, depending on the model, either front panel or analog 0-10Vdc remote control.

Frequency converter

These equipment allows to supply an output voltage with a frequency different from that of the power line, always with a perfect sinusoidal output voltage waveform.

Voltage Converter
Completely static power module easy to use as a valid and substitute to the traditional electromechanical regulator. The modern technology used allows to obtain rapid changes in voltage variations and perfectly stabilized output voltage sinusoidal waveform (HD<2%)


  • Improved handling: low size and weight
  • Lack of moving partes, therefore no wear, no maintenance and no operation cost
  • Better efficiency
  • Dynamic response <1ms
  • Improved stabilization accuracy
  • Absolute stability of the output frequency to the load (accuracy 0,001%)
  • Ability to absorb energy brownouts, without need of an ups.


    Powers: 3000W - 5000W - 7500W
    Input voltage: 190-267Vac
    Output voltage regulation: from 3V to 270Vac
    Frequency setting: 50 or 60Hz (40-400Hz on request)
    LED command and buttons for output voltage regulation
    DIGITAL DISPLAY with Voltmeter and Ammeter
    Zinc-coated cabinet with brushed aluminum front side
    Interface 0-10Vdc = output voltage remote control


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