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    MAIN applications
    High safety implants
    Fire systems
    Emergency lights
    Vacuum systems
    Electric motors
    Alarm systems
    Research & measurement laboratories
    Control systems
    Test Benches


Enersine manufactured several professional and industrial energy conversion devices to cover more specific requirement.
Emergency light devices compliant to EN 50171 for high safety implants, fire and alarm systems; voltage and frequency converters for research & measurement laboratories, control systems and test benches; medical isolating transformers for computers, printers, analytical instruments, surveying cameras with medical application.



Emergency Power Supplies presented in two different series for security and centralized lighting systems, fire safety implants.
LIDE and LIDE PLUS series are projected to be compliant to EN 50171; the PLUS series have on board isolating transformers and insulation controllers in order to be used on markets under IT regime.
Available powers: from 500W to 10KW.


Special isolating toroidal transformer for MEDICAL application built in an attractive and elegant enclosure, compliant to IEC60601-1:2005/A1:2012 & IEC60601-1-2:2014.
The T-MED line has been designed for the power supply of high reliable medical electrical systems that may not fail at all even in the case of major interferences of the supply voltage.
Powers available: from 100W to 2000W.


Compact and light equipment in relation to their performances, realized in RACK VERSION.
Designed using the latest modern technology, CONV series are reliable and multifunctional devices used simultaneously as stabilizer, frequency converter or voltage regulator.
CONV series permit an high dimension/power rate that can supply any load types (resistive, inductive and capacitive) with a perfect sinusoidal output waveform.The standard line is able to cover most of the needs of the market, but dedicated and customized version can be studied on customer’s requirements.
Powers available: 3000W - 5000W - 7500W

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