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    ERGON line
    Industrial automation
    Electric & Nuclear power stations
    Heavy environment
    Military & Naval implants
    from: 450W
    to: 6300W


To all complex and critical industrial installations is required an excellent level of reliability on every operational and environmental conditions.
The UPS represent the essential asset to grant the continuity of all services and to grant the implants protection.
Enersine HIGH SAFETY ups series are dedicated to protect all sensible industrial devices thanks to their set up to work in grave conditions (high temperature, humidity, vibrations, fluctuant voltages and so on).

The ERGON  range is available in models from 450W to 6300W with 1/1ph or 3/1ph configuration.

Not comparable to the standard ups systems, ERGON series is an exclusive ups line projected and developed with two protection levels:

  1. Two toroidal transformers studied to grant load connected real safety possible through a double galvanic isolation, 4000V from mains and 4000V from unit output.
  2. Electronic section in low voltage design for operator’s high safety
In By-pass mode functioning galvanic isolation is maintained in order to avoid the load direct connection with the mains.
Dedicated battery chargers studied to keep the battery efficiency at maximum levels, allow the possibility to increase back-up times on customer requirements.
User-friendly frontal panel with a blue LCD display and LED with unit main status allows an easy control of the unit functioning.

In addition to standard layout in TOWER, RACK or WALL MOUNTED design, skilled technical staff and experienced engineers are able to follow dedicated projects with all kind of customization.
Special treatments to face the most critical environment can be applied to the Ergon ups, such as anti-shocking treatments against vibrations and tropicalization treatments against high humidity and much more.

High care components selection and skilled labor to manufacture all ERGON series let them to be a quality level product with the Made in Italy value.


    Product size range: from 450W to 6300W nominal power
    True on-line double conversion inverter design
    Input toroidal transformer with 4000V galvanic isolation
    Output toroidal transformer with 4000V galvanic isolation
    Electronic in low voltage design for operators high safety
    Digital LCD display with blue light: V+I output as option
    Static switch by-pass with galvanic isolation as option
    Battery charger studied to guarantee the maximum battery efficiency and lifetime
    Hermetic lead batteries 10 years life design
    User-friendly front panel to easily check the ups functioning and status


ERGON 2 450W 15 MIN 2X12V 9AH 22 155 x 383 x 316
ERGON 4 900W 15 MIN 4X12V 9AH 36 243 x 585 x 482
ERGON 6 1350W 10 MIN 4X12V 9AH 47 243 x 585 x 482
ERGON 9 2100W 12 MIN 8X12V 9AH 63 243 x 585 x 482
ERGON 12 3000W 8 MIN 8X12V 9AH 84 243 x 585 x 482
ERGON 15 3375W 10 MIN 4X12V 24AH 72+55 355 x 782+53 x 724
ERGON 18 4050W 10 MIN 4X12V 33AH 80+65 355 x 782+53 x 724
ERGON 22 4950W 10 MIN 4X12V 40AH 87+72 355 x 782+53 x 724
ERGON 27 6300W 10 MIN 4X12V 55AH 95+85 355 x 782+53 x 724
ERGON 18-3 4050W 10 MIN 4X12V 33AH 77+70 355 x 782+53 x 724
ERGON 22-3 4950W 10 MIN 4X12V 40AH 85+75 355 x 782+53 x 724
ERGON 27-3 6300W 12 MIN 4X12V 55AH 92+90 355 x 782+53 x 724
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