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    TMED line
    compliant to IEC60601-1:2005/A1:2012 & IEC60601-1-2:2014
    Analytical Instruments
    Surveying cameras
    Video monitors
    from: 100W
    to: 2000W


The currently EU medical product directive determines that medical devices and systems have to be designed in a way that patients, operating personnel or other persons may not suffer while being in contact with those. This generates strict requirements for the safety of the power supply of electrical medical devices and systems. Especially medical electrical systems for life support and monitoring life functions require very high reliability and quality of their power supplies.
Increased safety requirements are valid in hospitals, surgeries, dental surgeries and in other areas, where patients or operators can come into contact with electrical devices.The use of medical isolating transformers for the power supply of electrical devices and systems, used in medical protected zones, offers a well-priced possibility to follow the EU medical product directive and to ensure the electrical safety for the power supply in a medical environment.

The T-Med unit has been designed and studied as a safety power supply for electro-medical devices, with the task to provide a stable output voltage free from any disturb or interference coming from the mains.
Compliant to international medical norms IEC60601-1:2005/A1:2012 – IEC60601-1-2:2014 and including risk analysis compliant to ISO14971.
The unit is equipped with a toroidal isolation transformer with an electrostatic shield and of an electronic board dedicated to limit the inrush current. The device works with a supply voltage of 230Vac 50 / 60Hz; through the transformer with 6000V of galvanic isolation and electrostatic shield it supplies fix power at 230Vac 50 / 60Hz to the connected equipment.
The device is equipped with a bright green bipolar power switch, which lights up when the unit is turned on.
The unit is protected by two 5x20 time-lag fuses with an interruption rating of 1500A@250Vac calibrated on the unit capacity. In the event of a short circuit or overvoltage, the fuses trip to interrupt the unit output.
Class I product
Mobile device


    Powers: 100W - 200W - 500W - 1000W - 1500W - 2000W
    Input – output voltage: 230Vac 50/60Hz
    Toroidal transformer with galvanic isolation at 6000V and electrostatic shield
    Built-in inrush current limiter avoids an unwanted blow of the input fuses of the device or of an automatic breaker of the buildings distribution through the inrush current
    Potential equalization bolt for the connection to the existing one in the room of application
    Input fuses for protection
    ON/OFF button with green led in unit functioning
    The cabinet is steel housing, powder coated grey RAL9006
    (the color can be customized on request)


T-MED 0,5 100W - - 5 - 282 x 250 x 140
T-MED 1 200W - - 6 282 x 250 x 140
T-MED 2 500W - - 9 - 282 x 250 x 140
T-MED 4 1000W 13 282 x 250 x 140
T-MED 6 1500W 16 282 x 250 x 140
T-MED 9 2000W 17 282 x 250 x 140
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