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    SINE SOLAR line
    Residential installations
    Small industry implants
    from: 1KVA
    to: 5KVA


New line of SOLAR INVERTER-UPS with pure sine wave output, the right solution for OFF GRID implants in residential installations and small industries.

Each SINE SOLAR should be connected to an external battery pack, sized in function of the utilities consumptions. Equipped with AC input for mains, generating set and with DC input for photovoltaic panels. Fully approved for automatic switching between AC and battery pack in order to operate as an uninterruptible power supply or as a traditional grid inverter.
On board there are two battery charger one dedicated to AC input and one to DC in order to recharge the batteries in all functioning modality; the charging voltages can be settled on the battery size.
The innovative LCD display allows a quick configuration of all the parameters and control the operation in real time.
The most important free energy is coming from solar panels, but when it is missing with the innovative SINE SOLAR you can have the possibility to select the power supply priority:

  • from mains :
    the inverter behaves as an uninterruptible power supply, when mains is present the loads are supplied directly from the mains and the integrated battery charger keeps the battery efficient. When mains failure occur, the inverter automatically switches to work in battery mode, with a short switching time of less than 10ms.
  • from batteries:
    the inverter powers the load through the batteries, only after the consumption of this free energy, switches independently to the mains. The switching time allows the continuity to the utilities without any type of interruption.
The two battery chargers integrated in the unit allow the possibility to set different priority:

  • battery charger from mains; the inverter use the mains to recharge the batteries
  • battery charger from solar panels: the inverter use the energy from solar panels to recharge the batteries
  • battery chargers synergy: the inverter use both energy (mains + solar panels) to recharge the batteries obtaining the maximum efficiency.


    Power range: from 1KVA to 5KVA
    Innovative integrated function: inverter + ups
    Pure sine wave output
    AC input from mains or generating set
    DC input from solar panels
    Double battery charger with priority setting
    Charging voltage can be settled on the batteries size
    Possibility to settle the functioning priority: from mains or from batteries
    LCD display for a quick configuration of all parameters and operation controls


SINE SOLAR 1000 MAINS: 230VAC - SOLAR: 60-88VDC 1000W 7.4 - 272 x 128 x 355
SINE SOLAR 3000 MAINS: 230VAC - SOLAR: 60-88VDC 2400W 8 - 272 x 128 x 355
SINE SOLAR 4000 MAINS: 230VAC - SOLAR: 60-115VDC 3200W 12.5 - 295 x 140 x 540
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